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State of the Art Technology

Best Alternate Energy Solutions

Global Expertise & Quality Power

Company Overview:

APJ Bright Idea Solar Energy is a full service solutions provider.

Product include solar roof tops on grid, agriculture water pumps.

1.5 MW Rooftop system consultancy, Jaipur, Niwai, Tonk, Deoli, Bundi, Kota, Bharatpur, Bara, Jodhpur, Alwar, Dholpur, SWM.

Local Presence & installations in 17 District in Rajasthan.

Customers include home owner, Educational Institutions, Trust organizations, Hospitals, Hotels, Industries units.

NISE/012/13 Roof Top Grid Engineer Certified Company.

Why APJ?

Product Portfolio:

Solar Roof Top

Your personal power station designed to run all your apliances & machines
Reduces your electricity bill to zero in several cases 25+ installations ranging from 1KW to 1MW

Solar Water Pumps

Easy installation & low maintenance
Electricity can be used for other purposes in off-season with ease increased crop productivity due to timely availability of water installations ranging from 1HP to 12.5HP

Solar Cleaning Solutions

Extraordinary, Incredible Exceptioanl, solar Sprikler Clean Solution, Perfect Cleaning Care To Maximize your Energy Effortless Cleaning 360 Degree adjustable Nozzles, Seamless Flow Uniform water pressure, automatic sprinkler clean modification Minimum human Intervention

Reasons To Choose
APJ Bright Idea

10 Years Of Experience

25+ Installations

new & Constantly Replenished

Low Cost And Budget Friendly

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Maintenance Schedule
2 Years Free

  1. Project performance monitoring and analytics service on Monthly basis as required.
  2. First year Bill adjustment from discom if required.
  3. Technical engineer visits every months.
  4. Plant cleaning every 15-30 days. Labor support will be provide by the client our engineer will be guide (We will provid to smooth & best cleaning solution so you can clean your plant every day by yourself).
  5. Inverters cleaning every 3 months.
  6. Testing of inverters, Module, Electrical panel, Earthing and cables completely every 3 months.
  7. Testing of strings for VOC and current every month.
  8. The Testing of AC terminations throughout the plant every 3 months.
  9. Record of the solar generation month wise, month wise and yearly by data monitoring System.
  10. Checking and tightening of structure after 6 month
  11. Any fault will be attended within 24 Hours
Mission And Vision

“We believe in the right collaboration to save the earth - For its People”

Our Works Worldwide

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